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Gong baths: absolute transformation in my life

baño de gong
Gong baths: absolute transformation in my life

The gong baths that I attended recently at Vikreative led to an absolute transformation in my life. Vikrampal manages to play his gongs in such a way, that they are able to send the body light and healing to the darkest and densest areas that have never seen light or conciousness before. I have received healing in areas where no one could reach before. I have tried different modalities before. I have witnessed huge shifts after the gong baths, inner nuisance was eliminated, and I regained my power instead, to create my own reality and to believe in myself. The gong baths helped me feel my heart pieces that were lost before and I truly feel it made me a better person, more accepting and loving of my environment, more focused and confident. It is a great luxury to have extraordinary talent such as Vikrampal based in Madrid, I am very grateful for that and I recommend anyone nearby to come and experience these miracle healings.

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