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Gong Meditation

Gong Meditation

Dear Vikrampal!

I would like to express my gratitude that you shared your brilliant experience and wisdom, for an open heart and for making people closer to God! I admire your way in yoga, your meditation practices that give peace, silence and happiness!

Thank you for what you are! Thank you for the divine experiences!

I look forward to seeing you again!💚    Whaje Guru! 🙏

We can have different kind of emotions and perceptions an during of Gong meditation, but only one moment when the last sound of the Gong subsides and silence ensues… Absolute silence in the room, in the world, in the Universe and in the mind. I think anyone who has ever experienced this subtle feeling will always strive to get it again and again. And no previously experienced sensations can not be compared! 🙏

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